Wednesday 10th October

Zophy Ohr // Parisa

Latin Folk/Singer-Songwriter

Join us for some live music from Zophy Ohr with Parisa.

Zophy Ohr
(Latin Folk)
During her involvement in MTV’s Latin American La Zona de Combate, she was named one of the best female artists of the year. Her original songs Me Pregunto, Una Extraña Forma de Amar, Hoy No Te Tengo and Dime Porque entered the Ourstage MTV charts. This notoriety led to the collaboration with the Ecuadorian band Mama Vudu and their track Ladrando (from the compilation album titled Motel Ultra).

Parisa is a singer and songwriter from Hertfordshire currently writing and recording with a handful of multi-platinum selling songwriters and producers towards her imminent debut release. Parisa’s music blends gospel, jazz and alternative pop in a raw and stripped back style that brings her voice and vocal harmony to the fore.


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