Wednesday 22nd April

Lotti Lotti // Claudia Kate

Storytelling Folk/Pop

Join us for some live music from Lotti Lotti with support by Claudia Kate.

Lotti Lotti
(Storytelling Folk/Pop)
The band Lotti Lotti was founded in London in 2019. Band leader is singer and Bass player Yannick Bellotto, who is known as the bass player of Quintessenz and some other bands. The style can be described as ‘Storytelling folk-pop’ inspired by “THE ASTEROID GALAXY TOUR”, ” THE BEATLES” and “PRIMUS”. Their music addresses serious issues such as climate change, loss and freedom movements. However, these themes are wrapped into stories about fireflies and white roses. This, plus a little rock, pop and folk, is Lotti Lotti.

Claudia Kate
(Indie Pop/Folk)
Claudia Kate is a Cambridge-grown, London-based artist. Describing her style as indie pop with a splash of folk, Claudia Kate’s music sits somewhere between the unequivocal outspokenness of Lily Allen and the haunting musicality of angelic indie icons Wolf Alice. It is through lyrical honesty and ethereal production that Claudia creates relatable, hook-driven songs that stay with you long after the first spin.

Likened to fellow feminist Kate Nash, Claudia never holds back on sharing the narrative of her life and this is what makes her connection with her listeners so authentic. By incorporating her own artwork into her music, Claudia makes a name for herself as a wholly DIY artist, exploring the boundaries between musical and visual art. In 2019, Claudia released the coming-of-age bop ‘Boys’, exploring themes of self-love, friendship and feminism with admired transparency. She describes her music as ‘bedroom pop’ (made in a bedroom and to be danced to in a bedroom); sincere, imperfect songs for anyone who’ll listen.

Doors open at 5pm.

Cocktail specials for £6.50 until 8pm.


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