Wednesday 6th March

Karl Ficarotta // Coryndon Bell


Join us for some live music from Karl Ficarotta and Coryndon Bell.

Karl Ficarotta
Karl Ficarotta is a Singer-Songwriter from Bristol whose music is filled with honesty and melancholy. He is currently writing the follow up to his self-titled EP, released Spring 2018.  Karl started playing music at the age of 16. Since then he has written countless songs, fronted numerous bands, played countless shows and stunned audiences. Fans often comment on his voice, comparing to his favourite artists such as Aaron Lewis and Chad Kroeger. Karl has even had the fortune of supporting some well-known acts such as the late Chuck Moseley, Dave Mcpherson, and EMPIRE.

Coryndon Bell
Coryndon Bell is a singer-songwriter based in London. Coryndon blends a range of influences together to create a unique sound, from indie-rock and singer-songwriter to modern R&B and electronic music. He released his single ‘Bangkok’ in October 2017, described by listenwithmonger blog as ‘a sub-three minute slice of indie-acoustica in the vein of Bon Iver or Badly Drawn Boy with a fragile beauty in its simplicity that is hard not to fall in love with.’


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