Wednesday 8th May

Ace Rosewall // Ariana Brophy


Join us for some live music from Ace Rosewall and Ariana Brophy.

Ace Rosewall
Ace Rosewall is a London-based singer/songwriter from Denmark.
His music is mainly acoustic pop, but with clear influences from rock and folk, which gives his music edge and soul.

With his latest single “Fooling Around” he has manifested himself as the next upcoming artist in the singer/songwriter subgenre of modern pop music. The single has already gotten airplay and attention from major people in the industry. Since Ace started out in London in 2017 he’s played more than 100 gigs, and has become a known face on the underground/live music circuit of London, and especially in Camden Town.

Ariana Brophy
Ariana Brophy is the songwriting equivalent of mulled wine; sweet, nostalgic, perfectly paired with a rainy evening and a fireplace. With vocal clarity that would suggest she has been singing a lifetime, Ariana’s listeners are invited to observe an unreserved and vulnerable portrait of the soul behind her lyrics and the stories that have shaped her. Rhea March, of March Music Inc., warns audiences to ‘be prepared to feel everything Ariana feels’ as ‘her ability to authentically connect and illicit raw emotion from the listener is unparalleled.’ Ariana’s performances highlight strength in fragility and—with her balance of conversational humour and tales of human pain— prove that laughter can share a stage with tears.

With performances such as New Moon Folk Club(2016), Canmore Folk Festival (2016) and Edmonton Folk Festival (2016) under her belt, as well as a residency at the National Center for Folk Arts in Somerset, Ariana is now living in London, UK, and is currently creating new work.


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