Wednesday 11th May

Abi Mia // Luke Glazsher


Join us for some live music from Abi Mia with support by Luke Glazsher.

Abi Mia
London based singer-songwriter Abi Mia brings her uplifting, empowering pop sound to modern music. With soaring vocals and powerhouse storytelling, her soulful voice goes beyond expression: deeply emotional and unapologetically hopeful, Abi Mia brings her most authentic self to her music.

Artistically influenced by contemporary powerhouse vocalists like Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Sara Bareilles and Alicia Keys, Abi Mia finds inspiration in the joy of creation, and in her ability to freely express who she is as an artist and a person through her music. “Music is such a powerful positive force in the world,” says the rising pop singer-songwriter. “Singing and songwriting give me intense happiness, and it’s a beautiful way to connect with people.”

Luke Glazher
Luke Glazsher is an alternative R&B/indie rock artist from Lincoln. After a few years of producing for other artists in the East London scene, Luke is now recording/performing his own work. With influences that range from Arctic Monkeys to Chet Baker, Luke uses a variety of different genres in his music. The music tends to have an ambient and atmospheric ‘spacey quality to it and the lyrics mostly take a ‘story telling’ direction.

Cocktail specials for £7.50 until 8pm

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