Best vegan cocktails

If you’re looking for interesting and delicious drinks to serve at your next gathering, consider making some of the best vegan cocktails. Not only are they better for your health and cruelty-free, but they also taste delightful! Plus, learning how to make these drinks from scratch will give you a chance to work with flavours and textures that can sometimes be hard to come by in a traditional bar setting. Read on to learn more about our top recipes for vegan cocktails—you don’t want to miss out!

Why are vegan cocktails worth a try

If you are looking for something unique to try, why not give vegan cocktails a go? Not only refreshing and delicious, vegan cocktails have a lot going for them. For starters, they offer an alternative way to enjoy classic flavours without all of the extra additives. Plus, many people find that ingredients like seeds and nuts add some extra complexity and flavour that helps make vegan cocktails stand out from traditional options. And of course, with no dairy or animal products in the mix, they’re also much better for the environment! All in all, giving vegan cocktails a try is definitely worth it – even if you don’t usually choose non dairy options – so go ahead and see what you think!

If you’re organising a special occasion party why not include your favourite vegan cocktail.

Ingredients to make vegan cocktails

There are many fun and creative ways to make vegan cocktails! Start by stocking your bar with the basics like plant-derived spirits such as grain-based vodka, bespoke London dry gin, and tequila. You can then use a variety of juices, shrubs, syrups, and bitters to mix up delicious concoctions. Agave nectar or maple syrup are perfect for creating sweet concoctions that are totally vegan-friendly. You can also use flavoured soy or almond milks for an ultra-creamy treat. Top it off with some fruit garnishes for some extra colour and flavour – think juicy oranges, limes, grapes, dragon fruit slices and much more! With these ingredients you’ll be able to mix up mouthwatering vegan cocktails in no time.

Don’t forget to add garnishes

Adding the perfect garnish to a drink can make all the difference! Whether you’re celebrating with your favourite cocktail or just looking to spruce up your home bar, there are lots of fun options that can turn a boring beverage into an Instagram-worthy masterpiece. Try decorating the rim of your glass with sugar, sprinkles, or chocolate syrup. Another way to add a unique touch is by garnishing with fresh fruits and herbs such as oranges, strawberries, mint leaves and limes. Finally, don’t forget about simple additions such as maraschino cherries or olives that never fail to bring life to any beverage. With these simple ideas anyone can take their drinks from drab to fab!

Vegan cocktails make a delicious and fun change of pace at any party or gathering. Not only are these drinks light and refreshing, they are also incredibly unique – there’s no need to worry about getting the same old thing. Whether you just prefer the idea of veganism, or have an allergy or dietary restriction that prevents you from consuming animal products – with a few simple tips, you can easily craft your own tasty vegan cocktails. From syrups to juices and nut milks to herbs, you can customise each cocktail to adjust flavour, sweetness, strength or colour. And of course, don’t forget about garnishing each glass with something special – think edible flowers, slices of fruit or even candy for a truly Instagram-worthy presentation. Vegan cocktails represent a new spirit in mixology; so go forth and explore everything this exciting trend has to offer!