Wednesday 6th December

George Holroyd // Rob Harbour // Nick Dudek

Singer Songwriter

Join us for some live music from George Holroyd with Rob Harbour and Nick Dudek.

George Holroyd
(Singer Songwriter)
“George Holroyd took to the stage and delivered a high-energy set full of vibrant acoustic melodies that proved impossible to stand still to.” – pugwashmagazine
“George blew me away with ‘Go’ and had Alexa almost jumping for joy when he followed it by ‘Seven Million Songs.’” – underthetreenottingham

Rob Harbour
(Singer Songwriter)
Armed with an acoustic finger-picked guitar and a fragile, honest voice, Rob Harbour is the quintessential acoustic heart-on-sleeve singer-songwriter. Performing and writing songs about the city and the sea, he weaves stories inspired by the Mediterranean seascapes of Malta where he grew up, and shaped by the hustle and bustle of London where he has been captivating audiences for the last 5 years.

Nick Dudek
(Singer Songwriter)
New to the London music scene by way of Melbourne, AU.


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