Thursday 26th October

Rob Harbour // Miracle Four // Josh Jones

Singer Songwriter

Folk This is a monthly showcase presenting the best Folk, Blues and Soul artists London has to offer. This showcase features….

Rob Harbour
Armed with an acoustic finger-picked guitar and a fragile, honest voice, Rob Harbour is the quintessential acoustic heart-on-sleeve singer-songwriter. Performing and writing songs about the city and the sea, he weaves stories inspired by the Mediterranean seascapes of Malta where he grew up, and shaped by the hustle and bustle of London where he has been captivating audiences for the last 5 years.

Miracle Four
(Acoustic Pop)
Switzerland punches above its weight in a lot of departments: chocolate, cheese, wristwatches, tennis stars. But when it comes to putting pop acts on the international map, the country has not had much to shout about – until now. Miracle Four are a Swiss Girl Group that is signed to the record label NB Germany.

Josh Jones
“My music is in many ways a reflection of myself, when I want it to be. I think tapping into human emotion is the key to any good music” – Josh Jones



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